Frequently Ask Questions:

Q. How often is the holding tank pumped?

A. This is emptied on a 5 year cycle. This is normally all that is required as the solid waste is liquefied by bacterial action.

Q. How can I find out the last time my tank was pumped out?

A. Go to the pumping schedule, find your address and last pumped date.

Q. Who is responsible for the line between my house and the holding tank? 

A. The property owner is responsible for the line between the holding tank and the house. This includes cleaning out of the line for any blockages that may incur and repairs to the line if damaged by homeowner, tree roots, etc. IBCD is responsible for the holding tank and the lines going to the Chesterton Sewer system.

Q. If I have sewage backing up into the house should I call my representative?

A. No, you must first determine if the blockage is between your house and the holding tank. If your line is open then call your representative. The homeowner is responsible for this cost of maintaining the line between the house and holding tank.

 Q. My tank looks like it is full. Shall I call my representative?

A. No. Your tank should ordinarily look full. If the level is above the discharge pipe to the IBCD main sewer system, then there may be a backup from the IBCD sewer system itself. Then, and only then, should you call your representative. See our tank servicing policy.

Q. Should I call my representative if the Lift Station red light is flashing or there is an alarm sound?

A. No, IBCD has a cell connection that will call your representative if the alarm starts. All IBCD Representatives are able to view all alarms thru their home computers, via the remote system known as OMNI. The audible alarms were disconnected some time ago; therefore all alarms are now silent.

Q. I lost my coupon sheet can I get another?

A. Yes, you can print a coupon sheet from here or call your representative .

Q. I am planning to do excavation around the holding tank or along the street in front of my house. Do I need to call my representative?

A. No, go to:  Indiana 811 link - “Call before you dig!”

Q. I am not able to pay my sewer bill. What will happen to my service?

A. If you miss a quarterly payment there will be a 10% late charge added to your bill. If you miss two quarterly payments your service is subject to our Disconnection Policy.

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